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Gift Baskets

Peppernut Gift Baskets just in time for the holidays!!

(Little disclaimer - "Baskets may vary slightly from photo.")

The T-Town Six Pack $35.95

This gift basket includes six, 3.5oz bag of each of our delicious and unique Peppernuts you will only find at The Peppernut Factory! Simple and unpretentious, this beautiful gift basket is great for all occasions and is sure to bring a smile to whomever is on your "good" list.

The Welcome Mat $79.95

This gift basket contains six, 3.5oz bag of each of our delectable Peppernut flavors and the other same wonderful "local" gifts from T-Town that are in our larger "Keys to the City" basket.

The "Keys to the City" Experience $119.95

From The Peppernut Factory to your home (or to anyone else you desire), this gift basket comes chalk-full of twelve , 3.5 oz bags of each of our delectable Peppernut flavors and other wonderful "local" gifts from T-Town.

Besides two of each of our delectable Peppernut flavors, this Grand Daddy basket boasts Mulling Spices; wonderful on a cold night in a hot mug of wine from "Prairie Meadow Herbs" (I'm not refined enough for a glass), a 5oz candle from "Marion Lane Candles". This candle is super automatic, rich with a spicy cinnamon - vanilla fragrance. And who doesn't love chocolates? We've included a bag full of mouth-watering hand made chocolates from "Hazel Hill Chocolates,"just in case the sweet Christmas or Lavender Peppernuts weren't enough.

By now you or your recipient are full of treats, a little tipsy from the mulled wine and feeling romantic with the glow of candle light in your eyes. Ok, then put on a pot of coffee and sober up with a delicious cup of joe from "PT's Coffee Roasting Co." Yes, PT's! Another Topeka gem, voted "Roaster of the Year 2008" by - Roast Magazine. Remember, I said you were feeling romantic… or whatever, so we also included a set of six beautiful writing cards by local Topeka artist Mary Bauer for you to scribble romantic nothings to that special someone on your list… or whatever. Any way you look at it, it's a great gift!